CRM Software Solutions

We offer CRM Software Solutions for SMEs.  Small Medium Enterprises need simple, powerful and cost effect solutions to modernize their business processes especially Sales and Marketing processes.  We deliver simple, powerful and cost effective CRM software solutions for SMEs.

CRM Software Solutions

Our solutions comprises of Consultancy, Requirement Analysis, Software Selection, Training and Implementation.

  • Consulting  Your requirement will be analysed and suitable CRM software will be selected.
  • Software Options
  • Hosting:  We provide web based server for your CRM.  So you can access to your CRM from anywhere in the world, on any device.
  • Installation:  We install your open source CRM software on your server or local machine.
  • Customization and Integration:  We customize the software as per your business need with features available in Dolibarr ERP.
  • Training:  We train your system administrators to manage your CRM.  We also train your team to use your  CRM in your business


  • Customization:  We customize your CRM list views, detail view and reports to suit your business need.
  • Integration:  We integrate Gmail and other systems to your CRM
  • Automation:  We create workflows to automate your sales process
  • Data Migration:  We import data from other sources into your CRM


We provide training for  Sales and Marketing Teams, Managers,  System Administrator to use and manage CRM software.

Training Mode

  • Onsite Training:  Training will be conducted on your premises with prior schedule.  Four hours sessions will include Administrator Training, User Training and Hands on practice.
  • Online Training:  Training will be delivered online.  One to One training for administrator will be provided for  Three hours.