Facebook Ads Training

This course will teach you the simple, powerful, quick and straight forward method to generate leads.  No frills and No hi-tech jargon are used.  The concepts are explained in simple language.  The complete process is demonstrated in video format.  Easy to learn and perform for anyone who is capable of using  facebook page and spreadsheet application.

Learning Objective

  • Learn to use Facebook Ads Manager  to conduct B2B and B2C marketing campaigns successfully in Facebook Platform

Learning Outcome

  • Learn to use Facebook Ads Manager to Create Campaigns, Ad Sets and Ads
  • Learn to select Target Audience and create ads based on AIDA
  • Learn to create forms and download leads

Who can Learn:

  • Sales and Marketing Team Personnel
  • Micro, Small and Medium Business Owners
  • Real Estate Agents, Car Dealers, Travel Agents, Photographers etc.

Course Outline

Part 1: Digital Marketing Fundamentals
– What is Marketing?
– What is Digital Marketing?
– Mission and Vision
– Peter Drucker Questions

Part 2: Facebook Marketing organic 

Facebook Profile
– Make a Profile.
– Showcase your skills, credentials, and experience.
– Profile settings.
– Public URL for your profile

Friends Networking
– Invite/Accept/Remove Friends
– Follow Profiles and Pages
– Grow your network.
– Messaging and Blogging
– Groups

Facebook Page
– Create your company page.
– Public URL for your company
– Promote products and services.
– Reviews
– Use analytics to know about followers.
– Interact with Audiences.
– Research other companies.

Part 3: Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads
– Ads Manager
– Campaigns and Budget
– Ad Sets, Target Audience and Scheduling
– Ads
– Lead Ads

Training Methodology

The instructor led class room training will be conducted onsite and online.  It will be combination of lectures, demonstration and hands on practice.